Arias and Symphonies ( Original Release )

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Source : CD   Released: 1982   Company: Ready Records

1. Trade Winds   2:15   Lyrics
2. Smiling In Winter   4:05   Lyrics
3. One In Ten Words   4:10   Lyrics
4. No Electrons   5:12   Lyrics
5. No More Growing Up   3:25   Lyrics
6. Arias & Symphonies   4:47   Lyrics | Artwork
7. Nova Heart   5:46   Lyrics | Artwork
8. South American Vacation   4:12   Lyrics
9. A Girl In Two Pieces   4:27   Lyrics
10. Walk The Plank   4:26   Lyrics
11. Blow Away   5:59   Lyrics

Total Time: 48:44


Gordon Deppe Guitars, Vocals
Sandy Horne Bass Guitar, Vocals
Rob Preuss Jupiter IV, SH-2000
Derrick Ross Drums and Percussion

Produced & Mixed by John Punter for Air
Sutdios Ltd.
Engineered by Mike Jones
Assisted by Robert DiGioia & Carey
Recorded at Sounds Interchange Toronto & Air Studios London
Mixed at Air Studios London
Re-Mastered by Brett Zilahi at Metalworks Mastering Room
Hair and Make-up by Reg Quindinho & Joe Day
Wardrobe by Judy Cornish

Photograpy by P.L. Noble
Design by M.P. Krawczynski
Cover Photograph -
divische Reitschule, Wien
courtesy of the Austrian National Tourist Office
concept by M.P. Krawczynski, P.L. Noble and Gordon Deppe

All lyrics by Gordon Deppe
C 1982 Neutron Songs SOCAN