Static In Transmission CD


Source : CD   Released: March 29 2011    Company: Universal/Maple Music

First album of new Spoons material since Vertigo Tango was released in 1988.

1. Breaking In   4:35   
Imperfekt   4:28   
3. Numb   3:51  
4. Star Maps   4:05   
5. Escape   4:22  
6. You Light Up   4:24   
7. B Movie   4:35  
8. End Of Story   4:40  

9. Words Will Smash Walls   4:30  
10. Closing Credits   4:30 



  • Gordon Deppe: vocals, guitars, keyboards

  • Sandy Horne: bass guitar, vocals

  • Jeff Carter: producer, synth, sequencing, graphic design




Hidden in the artwork and CD are codes to unlock Secret Content. In addition to this, see if you can find the easter eggs hidden in the artwork:


  • An egyptian heiroglyph for the title of a previous Spoons album

  • Part of the lyrics to the chorus of a Spoons hit

  • The title of a Spoons hit which is half word / half symbol

  • Sandy's band nick-name from their touring days

  • The Death Star

  • A quote from Alexander Graham Bell

  • A quote from Brian Eno

  • The words "freedom" "peace" and "love"



After playing the new song "Imperfekt" live at a 2010 concert in Toronto, the band was approached by Universal music to record an album of all new material.[2] Following this, the band released a promo CD single for "Imperfekt", b/w "Breaking In" in July 2010. Two additional new songs from the album were previewed online in Dec. 2010.[3]

In an Dec. 2010 interview, Gordon Deppe explained "It wasn't until we recorded Imperfekt that I thought we had something. At a Spoons rehearsal, everyone went, 'wow, what's that.' And seeing that reaction got me excited. I am very self-doubting when I do anything creative, but the moment I get a little spark and some affirmation, I go, 'okay,' and will write more."[4] According to Deppe, the remaining songs were written in a six-month period in 2010 and roughly in the order they appear on the album.

The album was recorded at Producer Jeff Carter's studio in Guelph, Ontario using the PreSonus recording system.[1] The music video for the first single "You Light Up" was filmed in Toronto, Ontario.

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