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Spoons: Echoes...Available NOW!

Spoons Echoes Cover.jpg
    It's been a long time coming but, with the help of our friends and peers (some pretty amazing people!) we are proud to present the Echoes album. 

    The Repeatable album, released earlier this year to commemorate our 40th anniversary, is a compilation of the songs as you know them. Echoes is a collection of our songs re-recorded by artists from around the world; from England and the USA to Australia and Canada. Whether stripped down or pushed to the limit, these amazing artists perform our songs in their own undeniably personal, and sometimes very unexpected, way. 

    Proceeds from the sale of Echoes will go to the Unison Fund, in support of the severely affected music industry in Canada, so incredibly hit hard by Covid.
Track List:
  1. Clive Farrington (of When in Rome) — "Romantic Traffic" 

  2. Christopher Anton (of Information Society) — "Nova Heart"      

  3. Alan Frew (of Glass Tiger) — "When Time Turns Around"

  4. Felix & the Foreshadow — "Old Emotions"              

  5. Gowan — "Arias & Symphonies"

  6. Sulpher (Feat. Rob Holliday of Marylin Manson, Prodigy & Gary Numan) — "Bridges Over Borders" 

  7. Four One Six — "I've Been Here Before"  

  8. Real Life — "End of Story" 

  9. Jean Marc Pisapia (of the Box) — "On the Beach"    

  10. Dale Martindale (of Images in Vogue) — "Waterline"          

  11. Clive Farrington (of When in Rome) — "Landing Lights"    

  12. Dagur & Nótt — "Romantic Traffic"       

  13. Kon Kan — "Arias & Symphonies" 

  14. Strange Advance — "Nova Heart"                                 

Order Compact Disc:

$15 + $5 Tax & Shipping = $20

Spoons Echoes Cover.jpg
The Echoes Album is Also Available for Digital Download
and/or Streaming, Via the Following Links:


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