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Spoons Music Merchandise

Vertigo Tango CD


Source: CD   Released: 1988   

Company: Anthem
Courtesy of Obsidian

1. Sooner Or Later   3:47   
2. When Time Turns Around  3:38   
3. Shaking The Fear   4:16   
4. Waterline   5:05   
5. Vertigo Tango   4:38  
6. Bed Of Nails   4:38   
7. The Opening Curtain   4:23
8. I've Been Here Before   4:04  
9. Through The Hazy   4:04 
10. The Game Above Your Head   3:53 
Total Time: 46:30


Gordon Deppe: Lead Vocals and Guitar
Sandy Horne: Bass and Vocals
Scott Macdonald: Keyboards and Vocals
Steve Kendry: Drums and Percussion

Produced by John Punter
Engineered by Simon Dawson
Recorded and Mixed at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, Wales
Mastered at Masterdisc, N.Y.C.
All lyrics by Gordon Deppe except
I've Been Here Before (S.Macdonald, S.Horne and G.Deppe)
Art Direction by Thomas Balint
Photography and Photo Art by Thomas Balint
Photo Assistant: Diane Marie Papineau
Graphics: Craig Dale
Typesetting: Typefaces

A special thanksto: Pegi and the rest of the gang at SRO and Anthem
Andrew MacNaughtan
Brian Johnston and everyone at Erikson Music
Pearl Drums
Kramer Guitars and Spector Bass Guitars
(courtesy of Erikson Music)
Sabian Cymbals
Evans Electronics
Kingsley and Ann Ward
And the gang at Rockford Studios
Dave Charles
Paul Cobbold
Pick Withers
Paul Martinez
the Monmouth Police Department
Tony Crea
Colin Cripps
Steven Thomson and Fastrax
Rick Lightheart and SoundPath Studios
Doug Catterall
Sandy and Steve at Checkers
Doug at the Vine Tree
Carol, Tara, Jim, and all our families. C 1988 Mark-Cain Music CAPAC

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