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Spoons Music Merchandise

Stick Figure Neighbourhood


Source : Vinyl   Released: 1981 Ready Records   

Company: Ready Records 

1. Conventional Beliefs   3:57  
2. Stick Figure Neighbourhood   3:59   
3. Red Light   4:42 
4. For Tran   3:42  
5. Capitol Hill   4:38  
6. Ice Age   4:07  
7. Dropped Dishes   3:56 
8. Friends In The Media   3:31
9. Only For Athletes   5:28  
10. Annita   4:16 
Total Time: 41:54


Gordon Deppe Guitars, Vocals
Sandy Horne Bass, Pedals, Vocals
Rob Preuss Synthesizer, Piano
Derrick Ross Drums

Produced by Graeme Pole

Recorded by Daniel Lanois
at Grant Avenue Studios

Lacquering by George Graves

Special thanks to The Diodes,

Martha and the Muffins,
Hugh Syme for Mellotron on

'For Tran' and 'Only For Athletes',
Gary Cormier, Tony Palermo

and No.6 for inspiration.

Sleeve Design: Open Concept,

based on a thought by Gordon Deppe












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