Talkback CD


Original Source : Vinyl   Released: 1983   Company: Ready Records

(Available on CD as of 22Jan2010)

1. Talk Back   4:36   Lyrics | Artwork
2. Camera Shy   4:00   Lyrics
3. My Favourite Page   3:58   Lyrics
4. Don't Shoot The Messenger   3:16   Lyrics
5. Time Stands Still   5:01   Lyrics
6. Old Emotions   3:41   Lyrics | Artwork
7. Stop   3:08   Lyrics
8. Out Of My Hands   3:46   Lyrics
9. Quiet World   4:35   Lyrics
10. The Rhythm   3:53   Lyrics | Artwork
11. Unexpected Guest At A Cancelled Party (Talk Back b-side)   2:31
Total Time: 39:57

Source : CD   Released: 2010   Company: Ready Records 

Digitally remastered from original analogue master tapes by Noah Mintz.

1. Talk Back   4:38   Lyrics | Artwork
2. Camera Shy   4:07   Lyrics
3. My Favourite Page   4:01   Lyrics
4. Don't Shoot The Messenger   3:19   Lyrics
5. Time Stands Still   5:00   Lyrics
6. Old Emotions   3:42   Lyrics | Artwork
7. Stop   3:16   Lyrics
8. Out Of My Hands   3:19   Lyrics
9. Quiet World   4:37   Lyrics
10. The Rhythm   4:07   Lyrics | Artwork
11. Tell No Lies   4:12   Lyrics | Artwork
12. Romantic Traffic   3:34   Lyrics
Total Time: 47:48


Gordon Deppe Vocals, Guitar
Sandy Horne Vocals, Bass
Rob Preuss Electronic Keyboards and Piano
Derrick Ross Drums

Produced by Nile Rogers
Engineered by Jason Corsaro

Cover concept P.L. Noble, Dale Heslip and Spoons
Photography P.L. Noble, Design Dale Heslip

Recorded at Sounds Interchange, Toronto
Mixed at Power Station, New York City
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisc, New York City

Nile and Jason were assisted in the studio
by Vic Pyle, Zvonka Vuglac, Josh Abbey, Bruce
Malcolm Pollack and Barry Bongiovi

Hair and makeup by Reg and Joe (special effects Mea)
at Hairforce
Clothes by Industrial Jungle and Martha Harron

Crew Scott Pollard, Tom Alison, Dino Gazzola, Drew Detlor

A big thank you to Carl Finkle, Pat Prevost, Andy Crosbie,
Angus MacKay, Dale Heslip, Jordan Harris,
Helen Metella, Lyndon Fournier, Margaret Winter, Coralie Hummel,
Tony Palermo, Rob Quartly, Peter Noble/Transatlantic Illustrated.
Paul Daley at Sound Path Studios, Lakeshore Music, Steve's Music,
The Drum Shoppe, The Music Shoppe, the Copy Shop, the Beast, Bob Garcia,
Ed Smeall at The Agency, Rob Light and Steve Jensen at ICM,
Anna Bourque, tom Alison, Jason and Nile.

Video by Robert Quartly for Champagne Pictures

All lyrics by Gordon Deppe
C 1983 Neutron Songs CAPAC